Joyce Gallagher IC/TC, CI/CT, AOPC - Staff

Joyce Gallagher, IC/TC, CI/CT, AOPC

Operations Manager of Sign Language Specialists
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Joyce is the only child of Deaf parents. American Sign Language was her first language as she acted as interpreter for her parents from an early age. This early connection to Deaf society enables her to not only connect with the Deaf community on a theoretical and academic level, but also to actually share and intimately understand Deaf culture. She is one of a handful of interpreters in our area to have certification in IC/TC Interpretation and Transliteration (1986), CI certification of Interpretation, CT certification of Transliteration (2000), and Pennsylvania State Court certification (2008). Joyce, along with the Interpreters of Sign Language Specialists of Western Pennsylvania have over 50 years  combined of experience serving Deaf consumers in the areas of secondary, post-secondary, vocational/technical, and college level education. They are also familiar with area hospitals including the emergency departments, critical care, hospice, occupational and physical therapy, as well as doctors’ and dental offices. They have also worked with a variety of state and federal agencies including Social Security Administration, Department of Public Welfare, Children and Youth Services, Early Childhood Intervention, and Local and District Courts.

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