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Wendy Grossman BA, MA, NAD IV
Staff Interpreter

Wendy (Sink) Grossman earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1988. After graduation, she worked in a variety of K-12 educational settings as a teacher, often being called on to interpret for students when their full-time interpreters were absent. In 1997, she earned her certification through the National Association of the Deaf, achieving level IV (Advanced). Since that time, she has interpreted in a variety of public and private settings, among these interpreting for dignitaries and entertainers such as President Barack Obama, and Nathie Marbury. She has experience in performance interpreting for Off-Broadway shows like CATS and Xanadu, among others. She has also interpreted for many colleges and universities, trade schools, national and local conferences, graduations, funerals, and weddings. She has also earned two Masters degrees in Education, allowing her to consult on projects like the Pennsylvania Alternative System of Assessment (PASA). As a RID-certified interpreter, her preferred interpreting settings are Educational and Medical. She has been employed with SLS off-and-on for six years.