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Terry Jeffreys

Academic (Educational) Coach
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Terry is currently working with hard of hearing students as an Academic (Educational) Coach at the Commonwealth Technical Institute. He has also worked in many of the majors as CTI such as the Business Retail, Core, Materials Management and Distribution, and Small Gas Engine programs as an educational coach for Sign Language Specialist of Western PA. He works to make education connections with students, teachers, counselors and staff. He has experience working with students in adverse populations in the relevant program areas (tutoring, teaching, advising, professional development and behavioral responsibilities). He sets proper study environments and establishes routines to develop functional skills to help them manage their work independently. Terry encourages students to be independent and self advocate. He coaches students to achieve better grades, greater independence and higher self confidence. He has a high success rate as an academic coach with past students. Some of those students having graduated with high honors. All the students have shown improvements and have received academic achievement awards upon graduation.
He has been working with SLWPA since 2016. Prior to work-in for Sign Language Specialists of Western PA, he worked as a utility foreman, trainer, and field superintendent for a subcontract utility company.

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