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Photo of  Dave Litzinger AA, NAD IV
Dave Litzinger AA, NAD IV
Lead Interpreter

Dave was driven to be able to talk with his deaf son. He is a NAD IV (National Association of the Deaf, level 4) certified, registered interpreter who graduated from Mount Aloysius with an AA in Interpreter Training. After that, he worked part-time for four years at Mount Aloysius as an interpreter, and later as an adjunct professor for ASL 1 and ASL 2 classes. He began working as an interpreter at the Hiram G. Andrews Center in 1992. In 2002, he became one of the charter employees of SLS. His 19 Years of experience in this field and his skills led to a promotion to Lead Interpreter in January of 2009. He interprets in a wide variety of settings including post-secondary and community, but feels his niche can be found in the building trades and automotive settings. He is an asset to SLS by being our resource for up-to-date information on all of the newest technologies available to Deaf consumers.